The Bliss Project

Fostering peaceful and healthy culture within communities.

The Bliss Project

The Bliss Project is dedicated to strengthening communities both locally and internationally. We are a diverse and active group of artists, musicians, educators, wellness practitioners and many other members of the community. We organize events in Vancouver, BC to fundraise for the building of a neighbourhood house in Nattandiya, Sri Lanka.

We believe art plays an important role in community wellness. Art provides people with ways to express themselves peacefully and to connect with other people and other communities in a meaningful way. It allows people to explore and connect with themselves and the people and environment around them.

Our Bliss board members include Shakya Wijesinghe (President), Jasmine Chin (Vice President), Karen Choo (Secretary),  Kevin Rigney (Treasurer), and Melissa Mah. Active members are Mike Henry and Karissa Tynes. We welcome anyone who would like to become involved, and believe that everyone can contribute in their own way.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to strengthen our own community ties at home and in Sri Lanka by building a neighbourhood house where individuals can actively take part by contributing and participating in a wide variety of workshops and programs. Our efforts are to foster peace and compassion by providing different ways for people to express and relate to themselves, each other and their changing environments.

Everyone comes together out of the goodness in their hearts…