The Bliss Project

Fostering Vibrant and Growing Communities in Vancouver and Sri Lanka

The Bliss Project is dedicated to strengthening communities by providing opportunities for people and networks of people to connect and build ties. We involve local community members in Vancouver in fundraising efforts to build, run and maintain a neighbourhood house in Nattandiya, Sri Lanka.

Our space in Sri Lanka offers practical services and special events that help individuals, families and the community in Nattandiya, Sri Lanka to address their personal and social needs. We encourage the involvement of volunteers in the local community and provide them with training, support and opportunities to be leaders in the development of their community.

Bliss Project is registered as a not-for-profit society in the province of British Columbia. Board members are Shakya Wijesinghe (President), Karen Choo (Secretary),  Kevin Rigney (Treasurer), Jasmine Chin and Melissa Mah. We welcome anyone who would like to become involved, and believe that everyone can contribute in their own way.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to engage and develop a community in Vancouver to support the building of a neighbourhood house in Nattandiya, Sri Lanka. Through events, workshops, projects and partnerships, we are creating opportunities for people to learn, grow and connect with each other.

Everyone comes together out of the goodness in their hearts…


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Testing, testing…

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Today is Open House Day – the trial run. This was a dry run to see what to expect on our actual open house day. More importantly, we were finally meeting some of the faces of the kids who had been knocking on our door. A local bus driver offered…

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We made our first trip to the local market place. Navigating the market is a blast to the senses; from the fragrant fruits and colourful vegetables, to the grocers pitching their prices. All the sights, sounds and smells made for a true Sri Lankan experience. We also met with some…

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