Captain’s Log – YVR 5AM

Shakya, Karen and I left Vancouver for Sri Lanka at 5am.  Our first destination was a twelve hour flight to Manila in the Philippines. Two additional flights later we landed in Sri Lanka on Thursday August 4th just before midnight. The heat hit us as soon as we got off the plane.  We were eager to hit the ground and connect with community members in Nattandiya, but we still had a long journey ahead of us. We spent the next few days getting used to the heat and time difference.  Getting up early before the heat was at its peak was crucial as it was just too hot to get any work done between 12pm to 3pm, our common joke was “ That Sri Lanka heat will get you”.




About Kevin Rigney

Kevin has a background in cinematography and sharing knowledge is a passion of his. He has been documenting The Bliss Project’s process and events since inception.

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