Testing, testing…

Today is Open House Day – the trial run. This was a dry run to see what to expect on our actual open house day. More importantly, we were finally meeting some of the faces of the kids who had been knocking on our door.

A local bus driver offered to bring those who were interested to the Bliss Project space as we gathered and set up the tables and chairs donated by Ben Perera in Vancouver. We purchased pencil crayons and paper from the local stationary store for some of the activities we had planned.

Eight children, ages ranging from eight to twelve years old showed up with their parents. We broke the ice with a drawing activity and the children described their idea of what the Bliss Project would be for them. Most said they wanted to learn English, music and volleyball.

Nalanda was our translator for the day and helped us communicate with the children and their families. This was great help as it gave us a clearer idea of what we were about and how we could fit into their lives. 

We finished the day in the shade eating frozen mangos Nalanda had saved from the mango tree. The sweet life!


About Kevin Rigney

Kevin has a background in cinematography and sharing knowledge is a passion of his. He has been documenting The Bliss Project’s process and events since inception.

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